About Bikram Yoga

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Bikram Yoga is a series of Hatha Yoga postures practiced in 40°c heat, suitable for new and advanced practitioners alike. There are unlimited benefits to practicing Bikram Yoga. It has helped countless people with old injuries. It helps improve posture, lose weight, tone up, and achieve better balance and focus. During class you will work every single muscle, gland and organ in your body.

If you are new to Bikram Yoga please read our Beginners Guide.

For further details on the individual postures, visit our Postures Page.

Who is Bikram?

Bikram Born in Calcutta, Bikram began Yoga at the age of four under the tutelage of Bishnu Ghosh, brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi and founder of the Self Realization Fellowship in 1920.

Bikram practised Yoga for four to six hours a day, with six thousand other students at Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Calcutta.

At the age of thirteen, he won the National India Yoga Contest, remaining the undefeated Champion for three consecutive years.
He also brought home trophies in an array of competitive sports.

At the age of seventeen an injury to his knee brought the prediction from leading European doctors that he would never walk again.

Not accepting their pronouncement, he had himself carried back to Bishnu Ghosh’s School, for he knew that if anyone could help to heal his knee, it was his teacher.

Six months of Yoga later, his knee had totally recovered.
Ghosh was a celebrated physical culturist and the first to scientifically document Yoga’s ability to help chronic physical ailments and heal the body.

“Yoga is for everybody. There is no such thing as ‘old and infirm’. I will tell you the same thing, even if you are one hundred and one. Put on your leotards and get to work!” Bikram Choudhury