Etiquette at BYC

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This is a list of do’s and don’ts we’ve assembled over the years from Student feedback.

We’ve put it here in order to create a Yoga Oasis: for the benefit of all students.

Yoga Feet

Please take off your shoes before coming upstairs & place them on the shelves provided.
Please make sure they are not in the way of the fire-exit (front door) or placed in anyway that could be hazardous to other students.

You may carry your shoes upstairs with you and leave them in the changing rooms.

You may wear indoor sandals in the changing room/reception area.

Please do not take or wear ANY footwear into the Yoga room.

Socks can be worn if you have feet conditions.

Health changes & Injuries

Please keep us regularly informed of any health changes or injuries.

Before Class

Have you read our informative Beginners Guide?

We recommend and encourage you to lie or sit quietly prior to class. This enables a peaceful and focused environment for all practitioners.

If you know you need to leave class early please inform the Teacher before the class and place yourself near the door to practise, thus allowing for easy exit without disturbing other students.

At the 6.15pm class the mats are already laid out. So please just find a free one and place your towel on it.
Please do not move/adjust the mats.

Please note: Prior to the 8.15pm class in the evening, we ask students to wait until our staff have laid out mats before entering the studio. Please remain in the reception area until a member of staff confirms the studio is ready. When entering the studio, please be silent, to allow students from the previous class their time in Savasana.

During Class

During class, if you need to leave the studio, please ensure you do not walk in front of people whilst they are in posture.
Please wait until the posture is finished.
The same applies for when you come back in.

Please do not adjust blinds or turn fans on or off in the studio.

The Teacher will arrange the room/temperature for the benefit of all.

Please refrain from talking during class.
If you need to speak to the Teacher, please raise your hand and they will respond accordingly.

For your own safety, please avoid chewing gum.

Please refrain from wearing noisy jewellery.

Please follow the instructions given by Teachers for all postures faithfully.
If a Teacher gives you ongoing modifications please let the other Teachers know before class.

After Class

The class is not over until after final Savasana.
If you know you will not have time to participate in this, please practise near the door so you do not disturb other students when you leave early.

After class, please leave the room quietly and close the door behind you.

Remember: our Teachers are in Reception if you have any questions.


If you need to use tissues during class, please keep them on your towel and ensure you dispose of them properly afterwards.

We recommend that if you are feeling unwell, you don’t come to class and sweat it out.

Remember: Rest is Best.

Fellow Yogis’

Please always be respectful of your fellow students and their belongings in the studio.
If you encounter any problems please come and speak to the Manager.

Reception staff

Reception staff are entitled to be treated with respect and politeness, we reserve the right to take necessary action if we deem somebodys behaviour to be anti-social, rude or disrespectful.
If you have any queries or concerns, please ask to speak to a manager.

Late comers

If you are late to class, it is up to the reception staff to assess if you can enter the class.
This is to cause least disruption to other students and make sure you get the full benefits of the class.
Please read our Latecomers Policy in the FAQs.


The Studio door will be opened 30 minutes prior to class starting. There are supermarkets with cafes located close by if you arrive early.

Mobiles/Blackberries/Personal Music Systems

Please turn off all personal electrical devices on entering Bikram Yoga Chiswick.

No talking, texting, checking your emails, your voicemail or the internet anywhere in the studio.

Please don’t allow watch alarms to go off during class.


You may not, at any time, for ANY duration of time, use the car park directly outside the studio.

Do not block the entrance/exit of the car park at any time.
This is a breach of health & safety & can lead to prosecution or a fine.


We ask all practitioners to dress appropriately for class.
For further advice ask at reception.


Valuables and possessions are left at the owners’ risk.

Drinking Water

We are unable to provide a free drinking water tap so we ensure the cost of our bottled water is kept as low as possible.