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As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Firstly I wanted to be a PE teacher…omg I loved sports, I used to panic when I couldn’t get my sports kit on quick enough, I’d run down to the hockey pitch like it was life or death. I love netball – though when I became a yoga teacher I sort of lost my competitiveness. I was a sprinter, I still hold my secondary school record..12.7sec I think. Then I wanted to cure cancer. Who doesn’t?

What’s your favourite/ least favourite Bikram Posture? Favourite: Ye GADs! I never though I’d say it, but right now it’s Rabbit…WHAT!!!!! I am enjoying the deep lower back stretch. After all these years – about 8 – of practising I think I’ve never truly PULLED at my heels…I think I’ve always been holding tight but never pulling. How come? I don’t know. Just goes to show these 26 postures are infinite in their possibilities.

Least favourite right now is floor bow. I have previously listed this as my favourite. Since I had my little boy – 2 years ago…I have found it hard not to ‘overthink’ this one. Knees too wide! Where did my toes go? I need longer! etc etc. I know I just need to continuously kick and it will come. I have also been working with a little niggle while backbending in my low back for about 18 months…I’m hoping now that my bow will improve as this pain has gone – it got worse, really intense – then it went. You might often hear this in the yoga…you have a niggling pain, could have been from an injury, something, years ago. You start practising Bikram and what happens? You feel something, hips, spine, knees, old scar tissue you are working into…trust the teacher. Keep practising mindfully, tell your teacher….maybe they will tell will get worse then it will heal.

How did you come to Bikram Yoga? I started practising in Chicago – a friend had heard of it, I hadn’t. I remember my first teacher, Marianna such a lovely teacher. They were very dialogue driven there, she was…is! Very beautiful smiley person, I remember thinking I want to be like that. The studio owner, Mike liked my accent and kept giving me the intro offer – $39/month…thank heavens because I wasn’t earning much. I always remember I went to my first class with Rachel, my friend and the second time she couldn’t make it so I ventured there on my own. I got to the door and I was intimidated by the perky American women with their own yoga mats, I actually turned back and didn’t go in. Obviously I managed to get over that. First step to gaining confidence with the yoga…though not in the obvious way.

Most embarrassing moment while Teaching? I might have once mistaken a woman for a man. I can’t quite remember. Or don’t want to.

What did you do before you became a Bikram Teacher? I was working as a medical editor…but I struggled with it. I didn’t have enough patience and diligence to be a good editor. Oddly enough when I became a Bikram teacher I freelanced as an editor for a while and I was much better at it…able to sit quietly and concentrate for longer. I often find myself telling my students that if life is a

roller coaster (thanks Ronan Keating), with a regular, determined practice the emotional ups and downs smooth out…