As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? I have it on good authority that when I was very small I wanted to be one of two things: Chinese or a Saber tooth tiger. I was about three years old and had a neighbour friend who was Chinese, and I thought she was really cool. My mom tried to explain to me that I couldn’t be Chinese. I didn’t understand why, and got very cross with her. So I told her that if I couldn’t be Chinese, then I was going to be a Saber tooth tiger!

Whats your favourite/ least favourite Bikram Posture? I know it’s not terribly original, but my favourite posture is Standing Bow.

There’s that moment when you feel that all the cogs are spinning correctly at the same time and that “ah ha, I OWN this bow” moment is amazing! I’ve actually felt the skin stretch on the back of my kicking leg, knee a few times. Unfortunately, this still instantaneously sends the message to my brain to bring all the cogs to an immediate, screeching halt. But I will get there one day! My least favourite is Awkward; more specifically, the second part of Awkward. I should fear that I am outing myself, but all my colleagues at BYC seem to already know this and are doing their best to help me love this posture. Thanks guys, with your help anything is possible.

How did you discover to Bikram Yoga? I had been practising Ashtanga yoga for years before moving to England. I had been commuting into the city, when a Bikram studio opened within walking distance of my home. I had heard about these “crazy” yogis, and literally circled the block for weeks before mustering up the courage to go in. I am so glad I did.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Work in Progress.

How would others describe you in 3 words? They wouldn’t dare!

Favourite Food? I’d like to say a Spirulina Smoothie with Kale and Wheatgrass, but at the moment it’s a tie between the avocado and the cheese and pickle sandwich. I don’t think I could live without avocados, but the pickle and cheese sandwich is absolute genius! We’ve only just met, as I come from the land of peanut butter and jelly, but hats off to England for the pickle and cheese sandwich!

Super Power – What would you choose? Flight. That would be awesome! However, invisibility would be a close second. I would be happy even if only to have it briefly; Something really quick, like the second part of Awkward during Fed’s classes. That would be enough.

Most embarrassing moment while Teaching? When you start teaching, there is a certain level of fear (actually, sheer terror) of what may or may not come out of your mouth. One day during the set up for the second set of Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, instead of a quick and snappy “lift your toes, twist and pivot”.. “Pissed and Twivet” came out of my mouth. There was that brief moment when you inhale, savour the silence and hope (Dear Lord, please) that no one heard what you just heard. Exhale: and there it was: laughter all around, including myself. That day I learned how to deliver dialogue and giggle at the same time, and more importantly I learned that it just doesn’t matter. I’m genuinely looking forward to topping that tongue twister one day.

Whats your guiltiest pleasure? Champagne and Karaoke. They seem to occur at the same time.

Best Bikram moment to date – personal or professional? There are so many favorite moments. The final exhale of Kapalbhati breathing of last class at teacher training was pretty darn good. Here too, a close second: I had been practicing almost exclusively at one studio, and the “vibe” at the time was very serious. I wanted to try out some other studios and see if it was the same everywhere, or if other studios had a bit more levity. I had practiced at BYC a few times, but not recently, so I thought I’d give it another try. I happened to stumble in the day when Helen and Mandy were tandem teaching a charity class in feather boas and stilettos. Levity you say? Ask and you shall receive!

Your Perfect Day? That’s hard to say, but I’m pretty sure we could get very close on a yoga retreat to Brazil with, of course, champagne and karaoke!

What did you do before you became a Bikram Teacher?

Before my “baby break” I was an account exec in advertising: bossing people around and meeting deadlines, Not too much different from what I do now, except that I’m not as good with meeting deadlines. Work in Process 😉