Posture Workshop – Happy Hips

Happy Hips 
Hip Opening Workshop with
Laura McDonald Saturday 21st Of January.
This January our amazing teacher Laura McDonald will be running another workshop. This time she is after your hips!

Date: Saturday 21st of January.

Location: BYC hot yoga, The Studio, 1st Floor, Essex Place, London, W4 5UT.

Time: 12:45pm-2:15pm

Price: £20

About the workshop:
Did you know that there are over 20 muscles involved in the moving of the hips and they stretch from the lumbar spine right down to the knees? These muscles carry a great responsibility as we use them for sitting, walking, running and jumping.
Releasing hip muscles can do wonders for both back and knee pain and can also bring huge emotional release because we hold so much tension there.
In this workshop we will look at the many different ways in which we can move the hips in our yoga practice and discover postures that you can practice any time you have a spare moment, for example at home, before or after class. They will benefit your Bikram practice and should leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Suitable for all levels
Who can attend this workshop:
This workshop is suitable for everyone.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a Bendy Wendy or stiff like the Tin Man.
You do not need to be a BYC member. However, if you are new to the studio please do arrive 15 minutes or so before the Workshop so that we can register you.

Should I do class first? 
Laura will be teaching the 11am on the day of the posture clinic. It is not necessary to do a class before the workshop, however, you might find you are more warmed up and ready for the clinic if you do.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel out of the workshop and do so any time prior to 24hrs before the event, please email the studio at and the £20 will be credited to your account. If you late cancel under 24hrs prior to class you will be charged in full.

You can either book online or in studio.